About Me

Find out more about me, about this blog, and how can you benefit from it.

Hello World!

I couldn't find another way of saying hello to you then well known "Hello World!". This blog is all about sharing my knowledge with you. And because of that, I must put your focus on this part of the previous sentence: my knowledge. I find it important to clarify this at the beginning of our journey:

  • I do not know everything - but I will die trying,
  • I can and I will do mistakes - but I will try to fix them.

Benefits for you!

Having the above explained we can move to the next topic - how you can benefit from this blog?

First of all - I will do my best to provide only useful content. You probably wondering how - Internet is full of unhelpful ~~shit~~pages. This is why I want to include only tutorials for things I have done in my work. So whenever I find out something I'm doing interesting or important or something new I had to learn - I will try to share it with you. I think, that following this meaner will guarantee useful content.

Who this blog is for?

I will try to cover topics from IT basic to advanced or expert ones. So anybody should find something interesting.

No cookies or other GDPR stuff?

Yes! I thought about this for a long time. If I find all this GDPR ~~stuff~~shit extremely annoying - there is a great possibility you also will. So "fuck the system" - I do not care how many visits I have. I do not care where are you from. I don't need cookies to track you anyhow. I also will not use anything that might need it (e.g. comments, accounts, etc.). There is only one thing I care about this blog - provides a great piece of knowledge you can use.

What about money?

You probably think - what about money? Currently, I have a roof and food for both me and my family. I even have my own company. This is why I will try as long as possible to keep this blog free of charge. So please read as much as you can!

Not enough?

Would you like me to build and conduct training tailored to your needs? I'm waiting for your call or message.

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